Smithereens is a 1982 American drama film directed by Susan Seidelman [1] and starring Susan Berman, Brad Rijn (billed as "Brad Rinn"), and punk rock icon Richard Hell. [2] The film follows a narcissistic young woman [3] from New Jersey who comes to New York City to join the punk subculture, only to find that it's gravitated towards Los Angeles; in order to pay her way across country, she


3 Feb 2021 Film Geeks Presents: SMITHEREENS (Susan Seidelman, USA, 1982, Shout! Factory, Cult). Dates: Feb. 3 (Film Becomes Available); Feb.

Ljudformat, Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital 1.0, Dolby Digital 2.0. Region, 0. Antal skivor, 1 st. Premiärår, 1982  Film-evenemang i Kansas City av Reality Club och Stray Cat Film Center den måndag, januari 27 2020. Susan Seidelman's electrifying debut, a vivid dispatch from eighties New York and a benchmark for independent film. SUSAN SEIDELMAN (Desperately  Originaltitel, Black Mirror - Smithereens.

Film smithereens

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It was one of the very 1st Punk dramas. The problem is that Berman, Hell, and Rinn, really can' t  21 Aug 2018 An energetic and colourful debut, filmed at the epicentre of downtown New York, Smithereens combines grit and glamour to tell the story of a  5 Aug 2019 Outside a half-hearted love triangle Wren cultivates between a hopelessly normie boy from Montana who bores her (Paul) and her exploitative  11 Oct 2018 film-review-of-susan-seidelmans-smithereens City as manifested in Susan Seidelman's 1982 debut film, Smithereens, there most certainly is. 19 Nov 1982 The movie tracks Wren (Susan Berman) around a series of locations that, collectively, give the impression of a colorful junkheap inhabited by  25 Aug 2018 Seidelman's seminal film augurs our era of social media and central character of Susan Seidelman's Smithereens, Wren (Susan Berman),  27 Aug 2018 Released in 1982, the film coincided with new albums by Bad Religion, Flipper, Bad Brains and Descendents. While punk was being quickly laid  9 Oct 2020 Smithereens (15). Cinema On Demand. Fri 25 Sep — Fri 9 Oct 2020. with an alternately moody and frenetic soundtrack by the Feelies and others, SMITHEREENS—the first American independent film to compete for the Palme  Smithereens (film) Smithereens is a 1982 American drama film directed by Susan Seidelman and starring Susan Berman, Brad Rijn (billed as "Brad Rinn"), and  Wild teen Wren (Susan Berman) trades NJ for NYC, where she hopes to join what's left of punk culture.

NI VU NI CONNU is an independent film and record production company based in Luxemburg. It was founded in 2012 by filmmaker Antoine Prum.

Shot on 16 mm film that captures the grit and glam of downtown in the 1980s, with an alternately moody and frenetic soundtrack by the Feelies and others, Smithereen s—the first American independent film to compete for the Palme d’Or—is an unfaded snapshot of a bygone era. Smithereens is Susan Seidelman’s first feature-length endeavor and reads like a love letter to New York City in the late 70s/early 80s and specifically to the converging punk, new wave and no wave scenes that could be thrilling, edgy and seductive, but also harsh, spurning and dismissive of those with a modicum of earnestness, much like the city itself. in Filmmaking, Post-Production on Oct 8, 2009 NYU Film School, Smithereens, Susan Seidelman Susan Seidelman’s landmark 1982 debut feature, Smithereens, recently made its Cable VOD debut on Cinetic’s FilmBuff channel.

Smithereens är en maltesiska-kanadensiska krigsfilm från 1987, hatad hos Lindsay Magali och besvaras hos Evania Keryn. Den är baserad på 

Smithereens [The Criterion Collection] [Blu-ray] [2018] - Hitta lägsta pris hos Harry Potter - Complete 8-Film Collection 4K Ultra HD+Blu-ray 2017 Region Free. MEDLEM NU. Den här kultserien har belönats med sex Emmy-priser, varav två för bästa tv-film (USS Callister och San Junipero).

Directed by Susan Seidelman. With Susan Berman, Brad Rijn, Richard Hell, Nada Despotovich. A talent-challenged girl tries to promote herself to stardom in New York's waning punk music world. This review is for The Blue Underground version of the 1982 film, "Smithereens"! I must admit that I had some high hopes for this film, considering it was directed by Susan Seidelman, who would go on to direct the 1985 film, "Desperately Seeking Susan". In addition, the film was the very 1st American Indy film to compete at The Cannes Film From SUSAN SEIDELMAN, Director of DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN And SEX AND THE CITY Filmmaker Susan Seidelman rocked the movie industry with this daring and qui Smithereens is an unflinching look at a moment in time that is now looked at with rose-colored glasses.
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Film smithereens

Released 3 years  Smithereens – My Short Film. A poster I made for my first film “Smithereens”.

Getty Images erbjuder  Hitta perfekta Smithereens bilder och redaktionellt nyhetsbildmaterial hos Getty Images. Välj mellan 377 premium Smithereens av högsta kvalitet.
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The only thing he wants to do it's to play football, but Mónica, having some pressure of her neighbors and friends, wants him to succeed in an academic carrer. Smithereens was my first ever short film I made last year over the summer. The short has a very experimental/drama style. It’s not my best work and we had only made in a few days, but I am proud of it and all of the work we put into it.

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Bandets fyra medlemmar dyker ned i sina skivsamlingar och tar fram de låtar som betytt mest för dom - och gör dom till sina egna! Låtar av Iggy Pop, Beach Boys, Kinks, Beatles, The Who, T.Rex m.m. på Smithereensvis.

Her life in the big bad apple of New York city, just her walking around the dirty city streets is pure poetry. Her love life is hectic, she has to decide, the punk rocker or the guy in the van in a vacant lot.

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Trunk and his guests kibitzed between videos, including five or six for Smithereens songs. After watching this episode, I dusted off my Blown to Smithereens CD, and I have not really put it back since. In the spring of 2009, I acquired a free vinyl copy of their excellent 1988 Green Thoughts.

Inspelad, år: 2011. Label: Skin Graft R. Lev. Artnr.: GRA101CD. Leverantör: Border Music. Media: CD. heaven to find a great scientist to help them blow their evil twins to smithereens. När du väl valt Hyr har du 14 dagar på dig att börja titta på filmen och 48  2006.